To give underprivileged children a platform for success by providing opportunities for education, athletics and lessons in core values that will help support them throughout their lives.

Our Pledge

Cincinnati possible events

RunGio Run 5K

Talks at local schools supporting youth education/activity and its importance with regards to accessibility in comparison to kids and youth in Haiti.

Bernard Family Foundation Approach

Past events/achievements

  • 2014 – Went to visit and take school supplies and toys/games

  • 2015 – New class room built

  • 2016 – Solar panel installed for electricity

  • 2018 – Well and water filtration system installed

Future timeline

  • Expand school to all elementary grades and provide consistent weekend recreational activities
  • Short term, more buildings (classrooms), bathrooms, kitchen, electrical upgrade via solar panels
  • Shorter term, fundraise and take visit(s) when possible

Our Flagship Projects

Jardin Vert de Josette School was founded by the Bernard family in remembrance of Josette Bernard. Situated on 3 acres of land, the school provides pre-k education and serves as a community center for local children on the weekends. Giovani Bernard, son of Josette and member of the NFL’s Cincinnati Bengals, created the Bernard Family Foundation to honor his mother, with a mission that all proceeds will benefit the Jardin Vert de Josette School.

Well and Filtration System

Solar Panel Install

Ohio Outreach Program

What miracle will you create?

Empower childrens to reach their full potential through family-based care and powerful communities. Our donors from around the world are making miracles for children. Together we are transforming the lives of childrens.

Join us and get the chance to empower children through education. You can make a difference!


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